To Be Healthy and in Love: The Health Benefits of Romance

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Most of us are winging it in the romance department. There’s no SOP for falling in love since we all experience it differently. All we want is to let that romantic feeling last as long as it can.

The warm and fuzzy feelings associated with love is a far cry from the calm and collected atmosphere of science. Little do most of us know that the two worlds meet more often than we think. Even romance needs research!

Since we’re on the subject of research, did you know that studies on love are a growing field? Per a Harvard Gazette report, one scientific database had over 6,000 pages worth of results on “love.” That’s a pretty huge number, yes?

Over the years, researchers have picked up on the benefits of romance. You read that right — love, is healthy. How about we go over some of these health benefits and see how they impact the human body?

Your immune system gets a boost.

Since we’re still in a pandemic (no, COVID isn’t over, people), our immune system needs all the help it can get. One way to give it a boost is through — you guessed it — falling in love.

According to a 2019 study, romance can leave a positive effect on the immune system. The two-year-long research shared that specific immunity genes of their lovestruck respondents had a spike in activity. And with that, it implies that people who are in love may have stronger resistance to illnesses.

Blood pressure decreases.

Many researchers have already noted how happily married people have lower blood pressure levels compared to unwed individuals.

However, one particular study stands out. Why? It points to love as the driving force behind such a decrease as opposed to marital status.

This study discovered that people in loving unions possess low blood pressure levels compared to singles. However, it’s worth noting that both singles and happily married couples also have lower blood pressure levels than people in sad marriages.

Love keeps the lungs healthy.

At this point, you can tell that the heart isn’t the only organ benefitting from love. Our lungs get added protection too.

A non-profit health system discovered that married people have lesser chances of needing ventilation support through breathing machines. They also found that this particular group has shorter hospital stays and is less likely to end up in ICUs (intensive care units).

Another interesting tidbit? They noted that the risk of married folks dying in the hospital from pneumonia is 13% lower compared to others. This helps partners stay healthy and in love.

You can live longer.

Not everyone wants to live forever. However, most of us would be glad to live long and happy lives for years.

Over the years, researchers have established a link between solid social ties and longevity. A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology divulged that out of its nearly 5,000 adult participants, those in happy and stable marriages outlived unmarried people.

Is falling in love the best medicine? Scientifically speaking, no. However, it’s a pretty good one. So what are you waiting for? Search for your partner, and travel to China!

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