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Why Date Chinese Women?

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Why date Chinese women? Compared to other women from different parts of the world, Chinese girls possess characteristics that are unique and very diverse. Most ladies in China have narrow eyes, fair skin, very thin jawline, and slim figures. Aside from their physical attributes, they also have all the qualities of an ideal wife. Here are some of them:

  • Patient - Chinese women are the type to remain patient in all circumstances. What you see in Chinese movies are true. These ladies never whine, nag, or complain. They are the type to stay calm and composed.

  • Respectful - Women in China were raised knowing that a wife's role includes protecting their husband's wealth and their chastity when he's not around. As a matter of fact, it's very rare for you to hear news about an unfaithful wife in China.

    At the same time, Chinese women don't burden you with any day to day problems. They see to it that you get enough rest since they know that having to work is hard and you need time to relax too. Expect her to listen attentively to you and take your tiredness away with a good massage after a long day at work.

  • Great Lover - If you get to date or marry a Chinese lady, you'll finally feel what it's like to be loved the way you want to. These women will adore you, beautify themselves even more after they get married. Not for another man though, only for their husbands --- that could be YOU.

  • Contented - As you might already know, Chinese women are known to be thrifty. If you get to date one, expect her to be the girl who isn't into material things. These ladies are contented with whatever you give them, as little as that may be.

    These women will also thank you for your efforts, whether that may be in words or in action.

  • Great with household chores - Women's role in a traditional Chinese family mainly focuses on keeping the house in order and watching over the children. And even if you get to marry a young lady in China, you can be certain that you can rely on her when it comes to this. But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't give her a helping hand though. All of us gets tired too, and if you help her from time to time, she'll deeply appreciate it.

Now, that you know all the reasons why you should date Chinese women, it’s time for us to discover their dating etiquettes.

Our client dating with a beautiful Chinese woman
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Here, we listed the common dating etiquette in China that could help you win the hearts of beautiful Chinese women:

  • Don't be late - Any lady in the world doesn't like to be the ones to sit alone in a restaurant while waiting for their date to arrive, and Chinese women are definitely not an exemption. Make sure to arrive at the venue 15 minutes before the time. That would also allow you to make a table reservation just in case there isn't any available.

  • Be yourself - Stop being such a nice guy. You don't have to agree on whatever these ladies are saying. Don't be scared to own what you think or feel. Chinese women like a man who stands by his principles. This is one of the things they take a look at when finding a lifetime partner. Just be sure to still make the conversation fun and real for both of you.

  • Treat your Chinese date with dignity and respect - This means, no swearing even if the service of the restaurant is unsatisfactory. And no drunkenness too.
    Also, be a gentleman and pay the bill. Doing this will leave a really good impression.

There you go! Now that we’re done with the things that you should do. Let’s take a look at the things that shouldn’t be done or are deal breakers for the women in China.

Dating Deal Breakers for Chinese women

Smells bad - We can't deny the fact that when dating we're very particular about our date's smell. This is why experts suggest wearing a light perfume, especially when you're meeting someone new. If you go into a date without taking a shower, your date won't like you. If you're not yet aware, smelling good can make any man attractive. So, make sure not to skip this as it's very significant to the success of your date.

Alcohol issues are a huge red flag - Having an alcohol problem is a no-no for ladies in China. So, be sure to keep your alcoholic beverages (if there's one) at bay when dating. Any hint will have her running the other way.

Talking bad about your ex - First and foremost, you really shouldn't be talking about your ex to someone you see as a potential partner, how much more so when you're saying awful things about your ex. It's unattractive and not the way to go to tell her you're done with your past relationship. At the same time, first dates are supposed to be for getting to know each other more. So, focus on that.

Tips for Dating Chinese women

We understand that you’re seeking a Chinese date, and as tempting as it may be to just quickly sign up for any Chinese dating sites in USA, be sure to do your research first. There are a lot of sites out there that are just phishing for information and aren’t the real deal.

While us, we’ve been here for two decades now. And each and every Chinese lady who registered were screened by our local staff, making sure that there will be no room for is your best option in finding the love you’ve been looking for.

So, there you have it! What’s stopping you? Take part in our next romance tours to meet dozens or hundreds of beautiful Chinese women seeking marriage with foreign men. Sign up for free today to start your journey!

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, January 20, 2021 - Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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