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Chinese Brides

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The uniqueness of China’s landscape is a mirror of the uniqueness of its people. Chinese brides are one of the most sought-after brides in the world, and as such, many westerners find their exotic beauty attractive.

The Chinese culture and tradition has influenced most of the upbringing of women in China. Chinese women are meek and submissive, as the ancient cultures expect them to be.

During the olden days, Chinese women were treated as inferior to men, and most Chinese families would hope to have sons instead of daughters. This was because most farm work would require the strength and energy of men, not women. Because of this trend, many women were discriminated, and pregnant women even went as far as aborting female pregnancies.

This event paved the way to what was called Female Infanticide. This practice spanned more than 2000 years before they realized that the country needs more women to be able to sustain China’s society.

After the end of the infamous infanticide, women became more and more important to the Chinese. This dark past molded Chinese women to be submissive as a way to please her family and not mistreat her for being born female. The bright side of being submissive is that Chinese women have become more ideal wives as they make great homemakers and are very responsible wives and mothers.

Admiring Traits of Women in China

The beauty of Chinese women are more than skin deep. Aside from their outer beauty, Chinese women also possess traits that make them look beautiful on the inside. These traits have been passed down from generation to generation, molded by China’s unique and colorful culture.

  • Loyal
    In the past, women in China have always been discriminated against. Men were preferred than women, and most of the women in the country experience maltreatment. Eventually, after years of development and the onset of international human rights, Chinese women were gradually given equal rights to men. Due to the past that the Chinese women were brought up with, they learned to be loyal because they didn’t want to disappoint their families and the men

  • Submissive
    Chinese women are submissive in a way that they always want to please people. This trait makes them very good homemakers because they constantly find ways to keep the home environment positive. They shy away from confrontations and are content with doing what a wife is expected to do at home.

  • Family-centered
    Chinese culture history believes that the family is the most important component of society. They are expected to honor their parents and ancestors. As such, the Chinese way of life revolves around the family. In fact, Confucius’ “Five Key Relationships” which the Chinese people look up to are directly centered on the family.

  • Responsible
    Taking from their past, Chinese women have learned to become responsible members of society. Women are expected to nurture the children and keep the husband happy. Chinese brides are not afraid to fill the role of a wife, making sure that the home is a healthy place for the family to live in.

Despite their grim past, women in China were able to turn the tides and contribute to Chinese society.

Chinese Brides vs Western Brides

Chinese women culture helped mold the women of China into responsible members of society. So what are the advantages of marrying Chinese brides?

  • Chinese brides, unlike their western counterparts, are conservative. Western women are more liberated and thus, tend to create tension within the family. Roles that men are supposed to play are being overtaken by women, resulting in less women who prefer playing the role of a wife. Western women see themselves as equal to that of men. Somehow, conventional roles of the wife become left behind with no one filling in the void.

  • Unlike western brides, Chinese brides are submissive. Taking from the above statement, western women are becoming more intent on doing male roles than female roles as a sign of equality. Chinese women, on the other hand, are content with homemaking and nurturing the family, roles that are expected from a wife.

  • Chinese brides are family-centered. While most western families struggle through divorce, Chinese families don’t. As the great Chinese philosopher Confucius said, the family is the most important component of society. Confucius’ “Five Key Relationships” is centered on the family and good behavior.

Chinese Women Wedding Traditions

A Chinese wedding is quite a festive event to behold. With colorful garments and dresses, and splendid decorations, a Chinese wedding is definitely something you’d want to attend.

Just as other traditional weddings around the world, Chinese weddings have its own traditions.

  • The proposal
    During a proposal, the groom’s family presents gifts to the bride’s family to announce the engagement – usually in the form of food and cake. Both families then send out the invitations to their relatives and friends. The bride’s family then provides a list for the dowry.

  • Tsao Chun Tea Ceremony
    After the wedding, the groom goes to the bride’s home where a tea ceremony takes place. Both families are introduced during the ceremony and share a drink of Tsao Chun, a Chinese tea.

  • Red symbolizes prosperity
    During a wedding, the traditional wedding dress that the bride wears is in the color red. This dress is traditionally called a Qipao. The dress usually has intricate designs in gold. Even in modern Chinese culture, the color red symbolizes prosperity and happiness. This is why Chinese invitations are also in red.

  • Three-day Symbolism
    Three days after the wedding, both the groom and bride visit the bride’s home. There, the bride is no longer considered as part of the family and is welcomed as a guest. The groom usually brings a roasted pig where they share a meal with the rest of the family.

Now that you have learned more about Chinese women and their cultures and traditions, don’t miss the chance to meet Chinese women and if you’re lucky, you could meet the perfect Chinese bride. Join us now and meet hundreds of Chinese brides for marriage.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 6 December, 2023 - Tuesday, 12 December, 2023
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