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Along the quick growth of China’s economy is its evolving education system that catches up with the country’s demand. More men and women finish college education and get employed in high-paying jobs. While this financial heft significantly increases men’s rank in society, as well as makes them more appealing to women, for Chinese women, it is the other way around.

In Chinese culture, men prefer marrying women who possess lesser earning and education than them. Despite the population of men massively outnumbering the women in China with around 114 boys for every 100 girls, the Chinese values of dating and marriage outweighs the fact. Nowadays, more Chinese women are highly educated compared to their men counterparts. Knowing that their successes will give them tough luck on dating, more women have chosen to turn down promotions and play below their level of intelligence and achievements.

Chinese women culture describes unmarried women starting at the age of 25 as “sheng nu” or “leftover” women which makes them feel like food that is fast approaching its expiration date. Families place huge pressure on Chinese women dating and marrying before they reach the age of “sheng nu”. It’s truly Chinese for parents to heavily monitor their offspring and push them toward marriage. The older generation in China believes that adulthood and marriage are essentially synonymous. Professional accomplishments are viewed as lesser than being married and having children.

With the pressures of Chinese women dating on their shoulders, the concept of sajiao is widely encouraged and practiced. Sajiao involves pouting, mewling, and the stomping of feet before men, making them look childish. According to Chinese date experts, this seemingly immature character is an essential part of the dating arsenal of Chinese women.

For Chinese men, youthfulness portrayed through women’s immature acts is more desirable than obviously intelligent women who manifest their assertiveness and forthright character. Still, the women’s role in traditional Chinese family remains being subservient to their fathers, husbands, and when widowed and have grown-up sons, will revere their sons’ decisions.

Chinese women dating are more likely to exhibit multiple characters as per need. While dating, they are encouraged to level down their straightforward ways and be as modest and subservient as much as possible. Given the heavy social mores which Chinese people impose among themselves, especially to the unmarried, these restraints have opened the minds of these women to seek their lifetime partners abroad. Many Chinese women prefer Western men than domestic ones, knowing that they are more tolerant of having their wives continue being career-successful women.

Find out below how Chinese women dating foreigners are more romantic than their Western counterparts.

Chinese Women as Romantic Partners

Chinese women are known to heed what their head says and less on what their heart feels. Apparently, these ladies are pragmatic kinds of individuals who will not take living a married life of discomfort when they can choose not to. In urban communities, arranged marriage no longer exists and while they have to downplay their true brilliance for their male counterparts, they surely are open to dating men who will not force them to forget their genius and comply with Chinese men’s standards.

A lot of “sheng du” women, even young ones, sign up on international marriage agencies to find their ideal Western husband who will not put on them the pressure which their country has. While there is no cookie-cutter description of these women’s characters, Chinese ladies are known to be great lovers. They are beautiful, sophisticated, and family-oriented women who revere their husbands and know how to make them happy. In fact, the culture of Chinese women dating which is doing sajiao adds spice to the romance of their relationships.

Chinese women are learned in terms of balancing how they carry themselves both with poise and cuteness. In the dating process, these ladies can make a man feel that he is a man indeed. And as a wife, their family tradition of putting ones’ family first manifests. Despite their successes in careers and acquiring highly paid jobs, they put their families as their utmost priority while assuring their husbands that they remain as the head of the household.

Date Ideas for Women in China

Given the concept of labeling women as “sheng du,” which makes women less desirable for marriage, thousands of Chinese singles consider reliable online matchmaking services to find their partners in life. Women who prefer Western husbands are on the rise. They sign up in online dating sites with the serious purpose of finding suitable dates who they can love and who can love them back as much, and hopefully, whom they can tie the knot with.

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