Places Chinese Women Like To Go To While On Honeymoon

Chinese woman on honeymoon
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There are plenty of places around the world that Chinese women dream of going to for their honeymoon. Now that you are married to a beautiful Chinese wife, it’s time to make her dreams come true.

If you haven’t heard, Chinese women find it hard to get married in China. Their views for marriage aren’t like how it is in the west where love and marriage go hand in hand.

In China, love is unnecessary. There, people marry for status and financial reasons. Not to mention its standard- the man must be older than the woman and the woman has to have less salary than her future husband.

Yes, that will definitely go well right in the west, huh?

Women over 30 who focused more on their studies and careers find it difficult getting a husband, since most of the Chinese men aren’t interested in them. This is why there are many Chinese women dating foreigners since in Beijing, these women of this certain age are considered as “leftovers”. They mostly date foreigners since the men in their country prefer the subservient and younger women.

Older women who love their careers more than becoming a young wife to a man who probably won’t even love them turn to western men who will take better care of them.

That’s where you come in, her knight in shining armor. But instead of saving her from a monster, you’re saving her from a life of solitude. Isn’t that romantic?

Since love rarely happens where she’s from, you, of course, ought to make up for it. Marrying you is already the best thing that has ever happened to her. Marrying for love? That rarely happens in China! Now, on to make her realise that you are the best thing that has ever happened to her.

Chinese Women’s Honeymoon Bucket Lists

Everyone has bucket lists, including Chinese women, especially when it comes to their honeymoon. If you want her to love you even more, don’t hold back. Whether that be in money or how you spend your days during the honeymoon, go all out.

That being said, her bucket list will most likely consist of travelling to places she has only ever seen on screen. Don’t worry, they aren’t crazy bucket list ideas. Most of them, if not all, are about travelling outside her country and seeing the world and what it has to offer. Studious women rarely get to go out to see the world and at most, they just look at the pretty places on their phones. It makes them dream about going there and enjoying their time with the man they love.

Yes, that’s you.

If you want to know how to tell if a Chinese woman likes you or not, you will be able to by the sheer joy in her eyes once you take her to a destination she has been talking about during her previous dates with you. I’m sure she’s told you about them.

Women of China Dream Of Going To Hawaii

I mean, who doesn’t? Unless you already live there, Hawaii is a place plenty of people imagine going to. It is one of the destinations that has been advertised and shown to us on television ever since we were kids. Sure it is a typical tourist destination, however those only ever get named as such if there was a semblance of truth to them.

The logic here is that if it’s being advertised too much then it must be a good place, right? Sometimes that isn’t really the case but if a million people have been yelling about this thing being great then surely a certain percentage of those people are right about something? How could a million people, all with different opinions and views, be wrong all at the same time?

In any case, if you take your Chinese wife to Hawaii, she will love it. She would be able to see what the fuss is all about in person and get to see the natural beauty of the places while holding hands with you.

Take her to Kohala Coast, Big Island, where Hapuna Beach is located. Its very own swimmable beach will bring out a laugh out of her and she gets to flight-see on a helicopter later too. Later in the night, take her to nighttime snorkeling and view some manta rays. There is also the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, a mid-century masterpiece of a hotel with its cantilevered stairways and hallways donning a collection of Asian Pacific Art.

Another area in Hawaii is Maui, where honeymooners go all the time. If you want a more relaxing and romantic feel then head straight to it. Maui has a lot of culinary options that allows you to eat at a different restaurant every meal every day. If you time it right, you can even go whale watching. Of course, you can never go wrong with the gorgeous beaches as well as rain forests. The hotel you might want to stay in is Hotel Wailea, where it is adult only and is a suite property that overlooks the three Islands in Hawaii.

Chinese Women Love Italy

Italy is an old country, where Rome resides. It is bound to have many romantic areas to explore and stay in. Whether you only plan to stay while on honeymoon or otherwise, you can’t really go wrong with Italy. If you do plan on living there with your wife, ask yourself “how should we spend our life as a married couple?,” because Italy is big and rich in culture. It really is no wonder why Chinese women love it.

The beautiful thing about Italy is that it never seems to run out of hot spots. There are plenty of areas to go to in one single vacation. You can spend an entire week there and it will end up taking most of your honeymoon time with how rich it is with natural beauties.

Not to mention, it doesn’t hold back on historical things to learn about. As one of the oldest countries in the world, it is brimming with events that are written somewhere in their tomes and books. Just from looking at the ruins in Rome, if you can get past the tourists milling about everywhere you turn, you will be able to tell that something big happened thousands of years ago. Something big enough to be declared as history.

The best part about it is that we aren’t even sure how much of the written part is accurate. None of the living people now were there to see it. Who knows what could have really happened back then.

But we digress. Since Chinese women are known to be the studious type, maybe your wife can have fun discovering plenty of things while you two are walking around Rome.

While you guys are at it, don’t hesitate in going after other tourist spots that are on the romantic side of things.

In Lake Como, you can go boating and eating pasta while also lounging by a fresh saltwater pool. It is the ideal romantic date, especially for a honeymoon. You can enjoy the ride while chatting with your wife, similar to boating through Venice's canals. In Lake Como however, you get to enjoy better views since it's set against a dramatic scenery of the Alps.Yet another spectacular honeymoon alternative.

Or how about Sorrento? A beautiful cosmopolitan city sits by Amalfi Coast, mixing together a real existing town and the sea. Staying at the Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria grants you access to everything there, and it sits above the town harbour too. Around that is a lush greenery, a Mediterranean garden of 20,000 square feet. Something so classically European will be greatly appreciated by your lady.

If none of those peak your interests, then there are the few honorable mentions such as Santorini, Greece, another ideal honeymoon destination that couples can’t get enough of. Fiji’s Pacific is also a favorite for those wanting to spend a boatload of cash on a luxury island. Iceland also likes to boast about their Blue Lagoon, a very famous tourist spot that many Youtubers have gone to.

Plenty of men and women go to different sorts of places just to experience things like hot springs, spa treatments, scuba diving and more. If private beaches are more your thing then discuss it with your wife and she’ll love it. If you are into adventures then venturing out to Machu Picchu or Bora Bora are also options that you two could pick.

You never really run out of options and the list doesn’t stop there. All the better for the new wife who is now a part of your life forever.

Take her out and treasure her. She will do the same for you and it is proof that she loves and appreciates you. The world is already lacking in love from how it has become over the years. The least we could do, as humans who live on this planet, is love those that mean something to us.

Maybe we can spread that love? At least if the world sees that love still exists then the rest will follow.

Don’t ever be afraid to show her that you are willing to do just about anything to keep her happy by your side. Marriage is about the two people in the union piecing themselves together like the perfect puzzle pieces meant for each other. That means you two are meant to make each other happy. Chinese women deserve happiness too. Your wife deserves it and you two most definitely deserve each other.

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