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There was once a time when the role of women in China was seriously limited. They were supposed to do a limited number of things, chief of which was producing children that were hopefully sons. But the Chinese women of today have found a little bit more independence than previous generations. A part of that is being able to make romantic overtures towards the men they fancy.

In the classic novel The Good Earth, the protagonist Wang Lung finds his wife O-Lan, after making a deal with a local family. While there undoubtedly still marriages arranged in that way, a guy who wants to marry a Chinese woman is going to have to do more than make deals with the people who have power over that woman, because that woman is going to have power over herself.

There are certain gender roles in China today that make it so that women can’t be too forward with their interest. In some countries, a girl who’s interested in you may come right out and say that she’s interested in you. That’s not the case in a society where men and women are a little more romantically conservative.

If you want to know how to tell if a Chinese woman likes you, you’re going to have to look out for certain indicators of interest that those who are unfamiliar with mainland Chinese society tend to miss.

It’s commonly known that prolonged eye contact is a good sign that someone’s interested, but it’s hardly the only sign.

  1. She dolls herself up for you

    One of the biggest signs of a woman’s interest is the effort that they put into their appearance before they meet you. Many men don’t understand that between all the grooming and makeup, women have to invest a lot of energy into their appearance.

    It’s not just energy that they have to invest in. Their makeup can cost quite a lot of money, especially since they have to keep buying it. Really good makeup can be very expensive. So if a woman is willing to put in the energy to use her products after already putting in the money to acquire them, then it’s a good indicator that she's interested.

    Then there’s the hair. It can be time-consuming to style hair, especially if it’s long hair. So a woman consuming that time to fix into a style that she feels makes her pretty is a very good sign of romantic interest.
  2. She’s a little bit possessive

    People can be possessive of the things they love. A person might feel a certain type of way if someone else drives their car. They might not be jumping for joy at the thought of someone else’s hands all over their mobile phone. In short, when someone thinks of something as theirs, then they’re not going to always like it when other people touch it.

    This possessive strain can also affect relationships. A woman may not fly into a jealous rage if you so much as look at another woman, but if you’re too friendly with another woman, then she may get a little icy with you.

    Sometimes, a person can get confrontational with the person they perceive as being too friendly with their partner. At other times, they can be overly affectionate with their partner in full view of the person they see as encroaching on their territory.
  3. They get very inquisitive

    One great way to tell if a girl is interested is by how much she asks about you. When a person likes something, they want to know as much as they can about it. A person who likes a certain type of car will go online to look up its mechanics, a sports fan will go online to look up their favorite team’s stats and so and so forth.

    Women in China can get like that. If they’re dating someone, they become curious about that person’s character and they start asking them questions so as to satiate that curiosity. So men who are dating Chinese women should be aware of this and be ready to answer questions.

    The questioning is not going to come in the form of a full-on interrogation, but will be a lot more subtle. So much so that she’ll know your entire life story before you even realize you’ve been giving out information.
  4. She wants you to meet her family

    Family life is pretty important in Asian communities. China is no different. If the woman you’re dating wants you to meet her family, then that’s a very clear signal of her fondness. Family is so important that one relative having misgivings about a romantic relationship is enough to tank the whole affair entirely.

    If you do get to meet her family, then you need to be on your best behavior. If impressing her family is not possible, then you need to at least avoid actively offending a member of her family.

    A family’s opinion is going to be of utmost importance. But taking you to be measured by her family means that she sees you as someone she can build a life with, someone with whom she can spend her life.
  5. She wants you to understand her culture

    Culture is a very important thing for people. Because of the importance of culture, anyone who dates Chinese women may have to learn about Chinese culture. This is because she will want you to understand the culture from which comes and in which she grew up, because it’s a part of her and she wants you to share in it.

    It’s not altogether uncommon for guys to be a little dense when they are dating. The internet is littered with stories of women whose signs went completely unnoticed. The signs can be even harder to spot when you add cultural and linguistic barriers to the mix.

If you are dating Chinese women, then you need to be watchful of the signs that she’s into you or you may end up letting go of something that could be truly great.

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