Biggest Turn Ons for Chinese Women

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Not only is China home to some of the most picturesque and breathtaking views in Southeast Asia, but it is also the home of some of the most beautiful ladies in the world—Chinese women.

Women in China are highly sought-after among foreign men, especially those from Western countries. Aside from their feminine and attractive features, they possess the qualities and traits that are essential in building a long lasting relationship. As such, there’s no doubt that men from all over the world are eager to meet and date these ladies.

Although they seem welcoming and approachable, pursuing a relationship with one can be challenging. As you know, dating someone from the opposite side of the world is not as easy as it sounds. Even living in China as a foreigner has its own set of challenges. There’s a lot that needs to be considered—like what drives these women to consider you as a relationship partner.

Chinese ladies are not that easy to impress, which is why it is important to do some research before dating them. To help you with that, here are some of the biggest turn ons for Chinese women that you should know about:

1. When you make them laugh.

Love to throw silly and corny jokes? If so, that can be a huge bonus for you! These women are picky when it comes to men, but if you can make them laugh and happy all the time, then you are in for a good start.

However, take note that your sense of humor may not be relatable to a certain extent with these ladies, at least not all the time, considering your differences in culture and what not. So be sure to throw in some fun jokes and not offensive ones.

2. When you cook for them.

Almost every woman in Southeast Asia has some knowledge or experience in cooking, and most of them find joy in doing so. They can cook a variety of cuisines, be it local or international. This skill is one of the main reasons why a lot of men want to date and marry Asian women.

As great cooks as they are, they also want someone who can cook for them, regardless if there’s an occasion or not. It doesn’t matter if you are good at it, what matters is your effort. If you have this skill, even if the only thing you know is to boil an egg, that should be enough to impress a Chinese woman.

3. When you compliment them.

Chinese ladies are beautiful, smart, classy, and confident. With such endearing qualities, women like that don’t need compliments, unless of course it is from the people they value most. Sincere compliments have great value to these women, especially during the times when they don’t feel content with themselves.

If you want to impress a Chinese woman, give her the most honest compliments, even if she has no makeup on or is simply wearing an oversized shirt and a pair of sweatpants.

4. When you are confident.

Another turn on for Chinese ladies is a confident man. They themselves are confident individuals, so it only makes sense for them to want to be with someone who exudes confidence.

As much as they like a man who is sure about himself, they also hate men who are overconfident – the kind of guy who takes delight in showing off. For these women, it is better to let your actions and achievements speak for yourself rather than brag about it. If you don’t want to discourage a Chinese girl, stay confident and humble at the same time.

5. When you are intelligent and smart.

Most people are under the impression that women in general are only attracted to men who are physically attractive. Well, this may be true for some, but for women in China, being handsome is not enough if you don’t have the brains.

If you want to make a Chinese woman fall in love with you, you need to be smart and intelligent in every aspect of life. It doesn’t mean you have to be the smartest in terms of academics or be skillful in everything. As long as you are adaptable and open-minded, you are good to go.

6. When you care for them.

Who doesn’t want a caring man? Like any other woman, Chinese ladies are suckers for men who know how to show affection. They want a man who is considerate and understanding, a man who has compassion.

It is a big turn on for them when their partner gives them a relaxing massage after a long day at work. They like a man who makes them coffee every morning, a man who will do even the simplest thing just so they feel comfortable. It’s not that hard to care, so this should be easy for you if you want to date a Chinese woman.

7. When you surprise them.

Showing up to her office with a flower in hand, bringing her favorite drink or meal, or giving her a handmade bracelet are three of the simplest surprises a man could ever do for his girlfriend. But for Chinese ladies, these simple things are what they treasure most.

When dating a Chinese girl, it doesn’t matter how you surprise her, what matters is your effort in showing that you are thinking of her. If you do this, you are not only turning her on, but you are also making her fall in love with you more.

8. When you have good family values.

This has to be the most important quality to have. If you don’t know it already, Chinese women are some of the most traditional Asians in the world. They have acquired their ancestral traits, one of which is to value family above all.

Every time they are in a relationship with someone, particularly a foreign man, they always seek the opinion of their families, which is also part of the traditional Chinese courtship. If you manage to get along with your Chinese girlfriend’s family, you are in for a treat.

9. When you keep your word.

Whether it’s meeting up at the appointed time or making a commitment, keeping your promises goes a long way in building love and trust in any relationship. When you follow your actions with your words, it shows you are a man of your word. Many Chinese ladies consider this to be an admirable trait in a man.

After all, Chinese culture upholds honor and responsibility as sacred. Stay consistent with your promises and watch as she begins to rely on you as a partner.

10. When you are a good provider.

When dating Chinese women, it’s important to show them you’re good husband material. Marrying a man who’s a good provider is a sentiment many Chinese ladies share when looking for a potential partner.

Additionally, China is a patriarchal system and many Chinese parents prefer their daughters to marry a man who’s a good provider. That usually means marrying a potential partner who’s financially and socially well-off with good traditional values.

Ultimately, Chinese girls have different standards when it comes to dating men compared to their Asian counterparts, even American and European women. With regards to the Chinese dating culture, women in China most likely adhere to traditional gender roles. Just keep in mind to never count on your physical appearance to make a good and lasting impression.

With good morals and character, not only will you have greater chances at building romantic relationships, but also relationships with every person you meet in life.

The aforementioned are just some of the biggest turn ons for Chinese women. If you believe you have these characteristics, approaching and building interracial relationships with them should be easy for you.

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