Valentine’s Gifts for a Chinese Woman

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China Brides Caption logo Date night on Valentine’s isn’t complete without a nice gift.

It’s almost time to celebrate romance. There’s a day that people set aside in order to celebrate romantic love. And a lot of people go all out for it. They make reservations or they cook food for their partner. Some people choose it as the day that they propose marriage to their partners because it’s one of the best dates to do it on. That day is Valentine’s Day, the 14th of February. Some people call it love day. Some people try their best to ignore it and wait for the 15th for all the candy that’s going to be on sale that day.

Part of the Valentine’s Day tradition is presenting your partner with a gift, a trinket to signify your undying affection. Not following this tradition can make you seem callous and uncaring, as if the relationship isn’t something that’s a priority to you, which isn’t going to bode for you when you show up on the 14th looking for a romantic date night.

But the thing about your relationship is that you’re dating a Chinese woman. She grew up in a different country with a different culture. She may not even celebrate Valentine’s Day since China has something else. But you still want to celebrate your relationship.

There’s just one little hitch, though. You’ve got no idea what you can get her. Maybe you don’t really know what she likes. Maybe there’s just so many choices available to you that you find yourself unable to actually go ahead and buy anything.

So you find yourself stuck with your finger hovering over the button that says ADD TO CART. You don’t click it and if you do, you don’t follow through and click the button that says CHECKOUT. Because you wonder if she’ll like it. You wonder if she’ll hate it. You wonder if hating what you get her will make her start hating you and your hopes of making your partner into a Chinese bride are dashed.

But don’t fret too much about it. While the choices are plentiful, narrowing them down to a number that’s a bit more manageable isn’t something that’s overly difficult. That way, you can make the pretty Chinese woman who is dating you happy.

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China Brides Caption logo Get her something really nice to have the best dates possible.

Some chocolates

Okay, so one of the most popular things to get someone that you’re in a relationship with on Valentine’s Day is a box of chocolates but not just any box. No, the box has to be in the shape of a heart but not one that resembles the kind that’s found in human chests. No, the heart has to be shaped like a Cupid’s bow except that the end points touch.

There are chocolatiers around that can make custom sweets and put them together in a handmade box, and that can be expensive and you have to place your order weeks ahead of time to make sure you can present it to her on the 14th.

If that’s not your speed, you can always just stop by a gas station on the way home. They’ll probably have a heart-shaped box full of chocolate ready for you to give to your partner on the day of.


If you plan on getting her chocolates, you might as well get chocolate’s seasonal partner-in-crime and get her a bouquet of flowers as well. You can go to a florist for a customized bouquet or you can go to a drug store or a convenience store because they’re probably going to have a few bouquets on sale.

If you don’t want to get her a bouquet that’s only going to wilt and die in short order, you can always order a flower that’s made of plastic or one that’s been dipped in some kind of precious metal like gold or silver. Or you can get one made from crystal or glass. There’s just so many choices for flowers on Valentine’s Day.

A gift card

Life is just a series of choices being made by you or on your behalf. You choose the job you’re in and at least one person in the relationship makes the choice to be with the other. But those choices aren’t limited to just the big things.

You’ve got a whole lot of choices ahead of you when it comes to getting your partner a present. But what if you took that choice out of your hands because you don’t trust yourself to make the right one?

Get her a gift card. A gift card is an easy gift to give and you put the choice as to what she gets in her hands. Plus, they’re easy to hide since they’re either roughly the size of paper money or they’re digital.

The main drawback of gift cards is that they’re not universal. They can only be used in the establishment they are attached to. You might be able to use them in different branches if you got them from a chain, but you can’t use them in a wholly separate place.

Or you can get the universal gift card that is cash. Put in a red envelope because that’s how Chinese people give money as gifts.

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China Brides Caption logo Have you managed your expectations for date night?

A cozy sweater

Okay, so some gifts on Valentine’s Day can be romantic. Or they can be practical. Or they can be a little bit of both. A cozy sweater can be romantic and practical. It’s romantic because you give it to her on Valentine’s Day and it’s practical because sweaters are great for warding off the cold while also being comfortable.

Some jewelry

If you want to really go all out for Valentine’s Day, you can always just buy your partner some jewelry. Maybe you can even get them an engagement ring. Something made of precious metals with a shiny chunk of carbon on it is a pretty popular gift for Valentine’s Day in some circles.

Gift-giving can be hard for some guys. The amount of choices available can be overwhelming. But narrowing those choices down makes it a lot less overwhelming.

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