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There are a lot of men out in the world who go out and date Chinese women. Sometimes, however, the dating customs around the world may not mesh all that well with the cultural norms in China. Not to mention some guys just are not all that well-versed with dating in general.

A lot of guys who try their hand at dating Chinese women often find themselves at an impasse in terms of actually getting a date. For one thing, a lot of men do not know where to find such women. For another, a lot of them are pretty clueless with what to do as if they are ever able to get one to agree to invest a significant amount of their own time to date them.

But there are a few things that men can do in order to make dating a little bit easier for them, a few adjustments that they can make in order to better attract his type of woman, be they Chinese or from wherever in the world from which they may hail, such as:

  1. Find a Platform

    One thing that a man who wants to date a Chinese woman has to do is to find a platform on which to do just that. Normally, this would mean an online dating site of some kind since, while China does have a significant portion of the world’s total male population, most men do not live in China.

    Which means that a man who wants to date the women in China is going to have to find some way to be noticed by them, to connect with them, and to hopefully land a date with one of them. Most men generally use some type of service, like a website.

  2. Cultural Understanding

    Western dating culture, and American dating culture specifically, may not be well-suited to China’s dating culture. Large swaths of East Asia, China included, tend to be a bit more conservative than their Western counterparts. The things that seem normal, almost mundane in the west, like holding hands and hugging, are pretty big deals in a lot of East Asia.

    So anyone who comes from the west to date Chinese women should probably remember that things are a lot different in China than they are at whatever place he calls home.

  3. Stand Tall

    If you were to go on dating apps, you’ll probably see something along the lines of ‘6’ if that’s important’ or something similar on some men’s bios. There is a reason for this, since many women have expressed a preference for men whose heights are a little bit more than the average.

    But what is a man to do if he does not hit that 6 foot mark that seems to be the minimum height requirement for a lot of women nowadays since the vast majority of men are not going to approach that mark? Well, there’s actually quite a bit that he can do and one of those things is to simply stand up straighter. Proper posture can give off the illusion of height.

    Speaking of the illusion of height, another thing that a man can do to seem taller when meeting a Chinese girl is to insert some lifts into his shoes. Doing so should give him a few extra inches in height as long as he’s wearing his shoes. Lifts are pretty much widely available.

    Also, taller men can make women feel a little bit more safe and secure can shorter men, which makes them more attractive.

    Confidence is also something that is very attractive to a lot of people and whether they are more confident or not, the perception of taller men is that they are more confident, more dominant, than shorter men.

  4. Dress Well

    A lot of guys think that jeans and a T-shirt with a picture of a truck or a motorcycle on it is acceptable attire for a date. For certain types of dates and certain types of women, it is. But if you’re travelling to a foreign country to date foreign women, then it may be best to class up your wardrobe just a little bit.

    You don’t have to put on a suit and tie or a tuxedo, but maybe put more effort into your appearance than just some cargo shorts and a bowling shirt with some chunky sneakers. China’s economic boom in the last few years has given rise to an extremely fashionable middle-class.

    Young women especially tend to be somewhat conscious of fashion and what they wear and they can sometimes be hyper-aware of what their date is wearing as well.

  5. Be Funny

    The thing about humor is that it is pretty important when it comes to dating. Women like it when a man can make them laugh.

    But you do need to remember that humor is subjective. Just because your friends think your jokes are funny does not mean that a woman (who may be from a newer generation and a different country than you) is going to understand your jokes or references.

  6. Try to Relax

    If there is one thing that is the downfall of many men, it is an inability to calm down and relax. Being nervous can distract a man from being his best. So if you can get out of your own head, and thus out of your own way, you are better able to let yourself truly shine.

  7. Try to Stand Out

    There are more than a few men who want to date women from China. So a man who wants to do so should probably find some way to stand out from all the others since the last thing he wants to do is to fade into the background where he isn’t an option in the romantic sense.

    There are a few things that a man should do if he wants to date Chinese women. But doing such things should be pretty helpful to him. And if you sign up with us, you can join one of our singles tours to China.

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