Gifts Chinese Women Appreciate on Date Nights

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China Brides Caption logo Dating in China means showing up with a token of affection | Photo by Wesley Souza on Pexels

A lot of men want to date Chinese women. Many of them do so by flying out to China and meeting the women there. But the thing about dating is that there are certain traditions that need to be followed not because they’re some type of hard and fast rule, but because there are certain expectations foisted upon couples by Chinese dating etiquette.

Some of those expectations can be understandable -- like how men are supposed to be chivalrous and gentlemanly when with women and that men should be the ones to pay for the dates such as paying the bill for dinner and tickets for the show.

For the woman

But those aren’t all a man is expected to shoulder when dating in China. Men are also expected to show up to a date with gifts -- small trinkets that are symbolic of their affection for the woman that they are dating. The gifts do not necessarily have to be extravagant, but a man should bring them along all the same.

What exactly should those gifts be? Well, they aren’t hard to come up with. There are a couple of things that men can fall back on when they’re racking their brains trying to come up with gifts ideas.

For the family

But date nights aren’t just about spending time with your beloved. In China, families are much more closely knit than in the west. It’s not unusual for a full-grown adult to still be living with their parents, especially if they’re unmarried.

This means that a date can mean meeting her family fairly early in the courtship. It may not be high on the list of fun date night ideas, but it’s part and parcel of finding love in China.

As such, gifts are also going to be important when meeting the families of the woman you’re dating since it’s not exactly polite to show up empty-handed. Showing up empty-handed can be seen as impolite and can make you look stingy and Chinese families aren’t keen on their daughters marrying stingy men.

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China Brides Caption logo Make sure to come prepared when meeting the families of Chinese women. | Photo by Tún on Pexels

Many Chinese women themselves will share this particular sentiment about stingy men. They might not be gold-diggers, but a man with an iron grip on his wallet isn’t exactly a desirable romantic prospect.

Showing up with a little something can go a long way towards convincing a woman that you’re worthy of her time and her affection.

There’s also that Chinese dating norms have an unofficial rule about the man being a provider and the financial backbone of a marriage.

Materialism is growing in China. The economic boom of the last few years has created both a new middle class that’s hungry for consumer goods and an upper class with an insatiable appetite for luxury goods, so much so that China has become the biggest market for luxury goods.

Despite that, you likely won’t have to splurge on anything from a high-end fashion house. You don’t need a Chinese dating guide to tell you that the most important thing to bring with you when dating Chinese women is sincerity.

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