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There are certain things that a lot of people need to do in order to date Chinese women, a lot of hoops that a man may have to jump through on free online dating sites and off of those sites as well. One of those hoops that needs jumping through is the one where a guy gets dressed, and there are a variety of reasons as to why getting dressed is something that needs to happen.

One of the reasons that a man needs to get dressed when following through on all of those online dating articles that he has read is that clothes can sometimes make the man. Wearing the right outfit can give a man a boost of confidence that he may not have under most circumstances.

Confidence can make or break a date. A guy being nebbish and nervous can be a signal that can be misinterpreted as a lack of interest. Also, it’s just not something that a lot of men and women are into, so it’s not exactly a desirable trait when it comes to a person who could be a partner for life.

But confidence is not the only reason that a man should get dressed when he’s going out on dates, and just going out in general. Another good reason is that being in public spaces without adequate covering is something that a lot of jurisdictions frown upon, and they may frown upon it so much that they make it illegal.

Now, being in a jail cell can make it pretty hard to go around finding love and to date someone successfully. So wearing clothes is going to be important. A little less important is the outfit that those clothes come together to create. The right outfit can be the kind of thing that takes a man from just okay to being straight up desirable.

Then again, not everyone knows how to put an outfit together, not everyone knows how they should dress for a date. Some guys think that throwing on a T-shirt over some baggy cargo shorts is a great outfit and think that they’re good to go. But while that casual, nonchalant look may work well, there are certain sartorial standards to which many Chinese women may be accustomed.

So some men may find themselves in the position where they need to look up some style guides in order to build a great outfit when they are out dating potential partners.

  1. A T-shirt And Jeans, Possibly With A Hoodie
  2. There are some outfits that are pretty classic, some outfits that work well with pretty much any occasion. A pair of jeans, a T-shirt, and maybe a hoodie, make one of those outfits. It’s a clean, classic look, and a lot of people already have the necessary components.

    The thing is that it’s generally best if the T-shirt and hoodie are as plain as possible. A plain piece of clothing is really hard to get wrong. Now, the climate in Asia can be all over the place, so the hoodie should be reserved for when it gets colder.

  3. A Suit
  4. This is something that should be used for more formal settings, but not quite black tie affairs. A lot of dating sites do not have style sections, so many guys may not be well-versed when it comes to suits, but there are a few rules a man should follow.

    For one, the color of the shoes should generally match the color of the suit, though dark brown shoes are fine with a grey suit. Another thing men should know about wearing a suit is to never button the last button, as that allows the jacket to flare outwards and give the appearance of a narrower waist.

  5. The Shoes
  6. Online dating is great because it can be done from the comfort of home. But hanging out solely on online dating sites can be pretty unsatisfying. So eventually, a guy is going to have to go out into the world.

    Traveling requires a great pair of shoes because a traveler may not always have access to the usual means of transportation they have back home, like a car or an intimate knowledge of the public transportation system.

    So having a pair of durable and comfortable shoes can be great since a guy may find himself having to walk a lot. So having good shoes can be a real boon to any guy who is in a foreign country to date.

  7. Sunglasses
  8. The sun is pretty much present in every country, so it is important to make sure to protect the eyes, and a good pair of sunglasses can do just that.

  9. Accessories
  10. The clothes are not all a man should put on when dating. There are also a few accessories he can wear to take his outfit to the next level. One of those accessories, possibly the best of them, is a watch.

    Choosing a watch can be pretty hard. There are so many brands, so many types, and then there’s the choice of whether to go automatic, hand-wind, or quartz, and each has its own advantages.

    But beyond the internal mechanism, there is also the style of the watch. Different styles of watches can mean different things, and they can be different things to different outfits. Dress watches are great for suits, chronographs and sport watches are a little more casual and can be worn everyday.

    Now, accessories can mean more than a watch, though a watch is about as far as most men will go when it comes to the jewelry that they wear.

    But there are some men who wear bracelets in lieu of watches or wear bracelets to complement their watches. Some guys also wear necklaces and rings on fingers other than the one that indicates being spoken for.

Personal style is something that is, well, personal. Still, it’s the kind of thing that Chinese women are going to be aware of, so it might help to get it in order.

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