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When it comes to finding out the best countries for dating, some people do not think that China is among them. But the truth is that dating in China can be fruitful. But in order to make it as successful as possible, some preparation is going to have to be done.

Preparations are generally necessary in order to maximize the potential for success. A doctor doesn’t just show up at the hospital in a white coat and start treating patients, after all. No, they have to go through a bit of training, like college and medical school and an internship, before they can start healing people.

Now, a lot of guys who want to date Chinese women are not located in China, so the logistics of actually dating are not all that easy. A lot of guys go to dating sites, but the thing about those sites is that while they can be effective at finding dates for people, they don’t prepare men for what to wear when time comes to meet their date.

But there are a lot of ways that guys can start dressing properly so that when they do go out on a date, they do not look like garbage. There are times when American dating culture can encourage guys to be a bit more schlubby in their appearance, but that may not fly all that well with people in a foreign country.

Now, clothing is an important part of dating. Not just because there are a lot of places in which not having clothing is frowned upon (to the point of illegal), but also because clothing is a great way to outwardly express your personality, and that is going to be what lands you more dates. At least, that’s how it would be in an ideal world.

It is not just about the clothing, by the way. It is also about the colors that you wear. Certain colors have certain meanings. Wearing a certain color out of context can be a little iffy in some places.

For example, white is a pretty innocuous color for most things (other than being really hard to keep clean). Yellow does not have the most heroic of connotations in Western culture, but it has the exact opposite meaning in Chinese culture, which signifies heroism.

So the color of your clothes are going to be extra important. It’s not just about bringing out your eyes anymore. Now the colors have actual cultural significance. Aside from color, here are other factors to consider when dressing for your Chinese date:

  1. A Well-Pressed Shirt

    A lot of people do not put much thought into their shirt. Most of them will just put on a T-shirt that may or may not have a logo on it then decide that that’s that and do not bother with any other article of clothing.

    But the thing about dating women in China is that sometimes a T-shirt, plain or otherwise, may not be enough. The rapid economic rise in China has given way to a populace that is pretty fashionable, so you may have to put on something more appropriate than a T-shirt.

    You may not have to become well-versed in Chinese fashion, but you may have to put in a little more effort into what you put on.

  2. Your Pants

    A lot of guys will put on some ratty jeans or a pair of baggy shorts. While those are pretty comfortable, a man may have to push himself into uncomfortable territory in order to succeed at dating in China.

    A good pair of pleated trousers may be exactly what the stylist called for in order to maximize your chances of romantic success.

  3. A Full Suit

    Sometimes, going the extra mile is exactly what is called for when it comes to dressing up for a date. Sometimes, a man finds himself in a position wherein he had to go beyond the usual T-shirt and jeans and put on something that he may or may not wear every day and that is the suit.

    A lot of men, however, make one big mistake when it comes to their suits and that mistake is that they wear one that is the wrong size.

    Now, wearing the wrong size can be either uncomfortable if the clothes are too small or unflattering if the clothes are too big.

    With suits, this can be even worse. The right suit can make a man look more successful and attractive. But the wrong suit can make a man look like he doesn’t know what he’s doing in terms of how to dress.

    So getting a suit made is great. However, if that is not possible, then getting one altered can be a pretty viable option to make sure that the suit fits properly.

  4. Cologne

    As far as senses go, smell is the one most closely linked to memory. So if you smell good, even an average date can seem better in retrospect. Which is why smelling good is something that is pretty important when it comes to dating.

    A lot of people use some type of body spray in order to smell good. Others clean themselves up thoroughly with soap and water.

    But if you want to really smell good, you can try your hand at cologne. Now, if you can’t bring any with you because of baggage restrictions, that’s not a problem. Airports have shops where you can buy a lot of different colognes.

    So if you want to smell good, you’ve got a pretty good number of options.

  5. A Smile

    Dating culture is about connecting regardless of the country. So it is important to appear open and one great way to look open is to smile. A smile is a great way to convey openness and relaxation, which can make dating as a whole easier.

    Clothing is an important part of dating in China and not just to avoid time in a jail cell, but also because of how fashion is an art form. So if you are trying to date some women in the country of China, you’ll have to think about the clothes you wear.

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