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China Brides Caption logoHere are ways you can be irresistible to any
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Being a foreigner, you already have an advantage dating in China. While a Chinese woman is prudent and traditionally inclined, she wants something new. To her, you are different in every way—from looks to personality. Whether you are a foreigner living in China for some time or you’re in the country for the sole purpose of looking for a Chinese wife, you can have some comfort in knowing that the odds are in your favor.

Modern Chinese women have become more career-driven, successful, and independent, which is why they’re more open-minded to interracial dating and marriage. A lucky few men managed to marry Chinese women in real life, but if you’re dating one, you shouldn’t rely on just luck. Instead, you should be exerting the right effort to win her over.

When dating Chinese women, your looks, wealth, and status are not important. One way you can win her is to learn about Chinese culture, marriage and relationships, and set yourself apart from the men they’re used to. Here are ways you can get her to fall for you:

Be a romantic

Chinese are practical people. When you talk to them about love, they’d probably say, “It’s better to cry in a BMW than laugh on a bicycle.” There’s nothing wrong with that kind of mindset, but this has led to Chinese men knowing less about being romantic.

China’s population shows a huge gender imbalance, specifically there are more men than women. Although there are plenty of dating tips, Chinese men still seemingly appear desperate when courting local women.

While Chinese culture glamorizes wives being entirely taken care of by their husbands (especially in finances), modern Chinese women don’t think that way. As mentioned earlier, they’re more financially and emotionally independent. That means that what they look for in a partner isn’t about wealth.

These women now follow their hearts—not their parents. Thus, they want men who can level with their hearts and souls.

Being a romantic sets you apart from Chinese men. There are many ways you can show that without sounding desperate, one of which is to do things unexpectedly. Being spontaneous with how you show affection shows how much you care.

Chinese men usually think that cash, luxury, and social status are all that matters when wooing a woman they found either in Chinese dating sites or through traditional methods. But don’t take their lead. Stay humble and trust that your personality would win her over.

Be interested in her culture

Learning her language is part of that, too. Less than 1% of the total Chinese population can speak English, so even if you do meet someone who’s fluent, learning some basic words and phrases will still be helpful in the long run.

In the early part, whether via online chat or in person, introduce yourself to her using your Chinese name. That’s one way to impress her early on, and you simply have to keep her interest beyond that.

It’s a known psychological fact that when you want anyone to be interested in you, be interested in her first. In addition to that, interracial relationships work best when both sides learn and accept each other’s different culture, traditions, and norms.

Besides, learning about her culture will help you understand and know how to treat her better. Other than that, you don’t want to offend her, right?

For instance, you should know that Chinese women date with the primary purpose of finding their life partners. So, if you’re looking for a serious relationship, China is one of the best places to find one. Better know first whether you want a serious relationship or not before dating these women.

On the other hand, it’s a norm in China for single women over 27 years of age to be called sheng nu (leftover women) and single men over 30 years old to be called sheng nan (leftover men). In the country, you are bound to meet women over 30 who still look like they are in their early 20’s. These women are intelligent and successful in their careers. But because of their busy college life, work life, and perception in society as leftovers, they’ve remained single.

But you should know that these women aren’t any less desirable just because they’re single. The fact is these women are not afraid to look for a partner who will love them for them—men who can challenge them intellectually yet can connect with them emotionally.

Be the man

Dating a Chinese in her country means you get to pay for dinner dates. She’d like nice gifts, too, so you can splurge on your dates to show her that you can support her financially.

In planning dates, you need to step up and plan activities she would be interested in. You can find out what her hobbies are by browsing through her profile or asking her directly. Not bothering to ask might get tricky. For instance, you might take her out to dinner only to find out after the fact that she prefers lunch dates, so better ask to be safe. But even if you don’t bother asking, she would probably tell you anyway. Chinese women are known to be blunt.

While most Asian women are known to be submissive and prudent, Chinese women are the exact opposite. They’re very frank and honest. In fact, they won’t hesitate to point out if anything’s wrong. When you date these women, you may as well get used to their honesty, which can be a double edged sword.

On one hand, you never have to wonder how to tell if a Chinese woman likes you because she might just tell you outright. On the other hand, she’d be just as blunt in letting you know if she doesn’t like you. Either way, better be the first one to express your feelings because that is the norm in her country.

Learn women’s body language

This will be applicable to any woman, not just Chinese singles. While the latter are very forthright, it helps knowing how to read them in between the lines by observing their body language.

One way to tell if a Chinese woman likes you is that she will subconsciously mirror your gestures. By observing this, you will fare better on making her like you by copying her non verbal stances and gestures, too. This is one of the ways to make people think they like you.

Just Be The Best Version of Yourself

If there’s one thing that any lady wants in a man, it’s confidence to be just himself, more so with a Chinese woman. She would be looking for a guy who’s not afraid to be different and one who can prove to be her soulmate no matter if he’s from far across the seas.

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