Culture Facts Men Should Know Before Dating Chinese Women

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A lot of guys find themselves having a romantic interest in Chinese women. There is some good reason for that. Asian women have a reputation for being somewhat docile when in relationships. For some reason, a lot of guys want that type of woman.

But not a lot of guys understand how to start dating such women mainly because of the geographical distance. Some of the men who want to date with them are not in the same general vicinity, which is why quite a lot of men sign up for online dating.

Now, there are a few types of dating, namely the casual fling, the relationship that gets a person ready for who they need to be with, and the one that lasts forever (or at least goes the distance in the sense that there is a marriage and a family and all that other stuff involved).

But regardless of the type of romantic relationship with Chinese women involved, a guy is still going to have to know a few things before dating them. There are a few Chinese cultural facts that a man is going to have to learn if he’s going to date a Chinese woman, such as:

  1. Color is Important

    The thing about Chinese culture is that they regard colors differently. Different colors have different meanings, and those colors may not mean the same thing in the west as they do in China.

    Take the color yellow for example. In the west, yellow is seen as the color of cowardice. When someone is said to have a yellow belly, the meaning behind it is that that person is a coward to some degree and can be counted on to run from a fight. But in Chinese culture, yellow has the exact opposite meaning; yellow is the color of bravery and heroism.

    Another color that has different connotations in Chinese culture versus western culture is black. In western culture, black represents darkness and the unknown things that lurk in it. While black also represents darkness in Chinese culture, that darkness represents the universe and how truly unknowable heaven is. Thus, the Chinese aren’t as afraid of it.

    White is another color that has different meanings in China than it does in the west. White is the color that symbolizes purity in the west, but in Chinese culture, white is the color of mourning and is the color worn at funerals.

    Then there is red. In the west, red is the color of anger, which is why it is said that someone who is seeing red is angry. But red is a lucky color in China (and in other countries that have strong Chinese cultural influence) It is considered the color of good fortune.

    So any man that wants to start dating Chinese women should start brushing up on the meaning behind colors and find ways to incorporate this into their date. Instead of wearing a black shirt to dinner, perhaps pick a red one.

  2. Four Means Death

    If you are in a building in China, you may notice an oddity with elevator buttons. You might notice that it goes from level three straight to level five. You may wonder where level four is.

    There is no level four, because four is not a lucky number in Chinese culture. This is because the number four is very similar to the character for death, which makes it a less than auspicious number.

    So many buildings in China (and in countries that have a lot of cultural influence from China) omit the number entirely so as not to tempt fate and encourage some sort of disaster. So if you do find yourself wondering where the button for the fourth floor in an elevator is, now you know the reason that there isn’t one.

  3. There’s a Lot of Western Influence

    A lot of parts of China were western colonies at one point in time or another. For example, Hong Kong used to be a British colony, which is why double-decker buses similar to the ones in London roam the streets. Macao used to be a Portuguese colony, which is why some of the street names are in Portuguese.

    So if you are in China and find yourself wondering why the names of the streets sound vaguely European, now you understand. Also, this colonial influence means that you can encounter locals that speak English fluently.

  4. There’s a Conservative Strain in Action

    Chinese women are generally conservative. Public displays of affection aren’t really en vogue in China, so a lot of the women there won’t do it. A peck on the cheek and a bit of handholding is fine, but they’re not going to start making out with their partner where other people can see them.

    So if you do find yourself on a date with a Chinese woman and she’s not one to kiss you goodnight, it may not be because she finds you unappealing. She may just not be the type to kiss anyone goodnight.

  5. Family Matters

    In some countries, children are supposed to move out when they become adults. In places like China, moving out before marriage is just not something that people do. People stay with their parents until they get married.

    Some people even stay with their parents after they get married, creating multigenerational households. So if you date a girl and her parents butt in, that’s a completely natural thing in China.

    The thing about online dating is that apps or sites do not always put in cultural cues. They’ll have pictures and a short bio, but not that much details on the things a man needs to know before he gets on a plane to meet the women that might be the one for him.

    The thing about love is part of it is being considerate of your partner. The reason why you should learn her culture is because it is going to inform who she is as a person and who she’d fall in love with.

    Chinese women are going to be no different. Their culture will shape who they are as people and their romantic preferences. So anyone who wants to be with one should learn their culture to some extent.

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