Asian Women and Foreign Men: Dating in China Face to Face

Asian women from China are having a hard time establishing their domestic dating story. The Chinese culture seems to dictate that Chinese girls neglect their goals in life. Their culture tells them to only care about finding a man to marry before reaching the age of 27 or else they will be one of the leftover women in China.

Dating in China is becoming harder for Chinese women because nowadays, women do not belong to the kitchen anymore and are not only meant to stay home. Women in Asian countries are now empowered. They achieve their goals and they know what they want.

Chinese girls have the most beautiful faces, thus men easily get attracted to them. However, no matter how pretty you are as long as you are already 27 and above, most Chinese men will run away from you.

This is the main reason why Asian women from China rely on dating beyond borders. They are well-educated and have already proven their substance, thus they are looking for a partner who does not see them as competition. They want someone who will motivate them to become better everyday. Asian girls are interested in dating a man who isn’t turned off by their age, intelligence, and accomplishments in life.

For Chinese women, it is easier to date a foreign man who shares the same belief of becoming better everyday, rather than a Chinese man who might dictate you to stop being ambitious.

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