This NEVER WORKS - Dating Chinese Women as a Foreigner

Countless single men are interested in dating women in China as they find Chinese women more compatible than ladies they meet domestically. Long distance relationships via Asian dating apps continue to expand, but very few men will ever make the trip to China or meet the women they interact with physically. Relying on Asian dating apps as your cupid will rarely guaranty a match to the Chinese woman you started building feelings for, as the physical chemistry that comes through face to face interactions can never be replicated virtually.

Sometimes men are unequipped with adequate knowledge and rely on hearsay of travel VLOGGERS rather than men who achieve the dream of romantic connections in the magic city of Shenzhen. Taking advice from an Asian cupid with experience matchmaking WMAF (Western Male Asian Female) couples will be one sure way to increase the odds of successful dating in China. With many opting to embrace China’s unique culture, more men than ever are joining Shenzhen dating agencies dedicated to matching foreigners with local Chinese women.

No matter the hype of chatting with Chinese girls through Asian dating apps, you’ll still lack the physical connections with a woman you can personally meet. Hours of chatting or sending tons of DMs can’t compensate for real-life relationships with Asian women. As a man, seeking a long-term relationship with a Chinese woman begins when you come face to face with her for the first time.

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