Why More Chinese Women Choose Foreign Men To Date?Β 

Chinese women typically dream of lifelong connections with men traveling abroad because of the way women are treated culturally in China. Regardless of being called classified as " Sheng nu" or leftover women, Chinese girls remain hopeful that one day they could find the right guy for them. Many divorced women in China open themselves to seeking love abroad because most foreigners are much less judgemental than men in their local dating pool.

Divorce in China makes it accessible to Chinese girls and guys who are not happy with their married life to discontinue the relationship, but women are often cast as the problem in these situations.

Chinese culture follows different standards, with much of society remaining conservative, but more Chinese girls are encountering broken marriages leading to divorce.

Most men in China believe that a failed marriage is because of incorrect values that a Chinese wife has. Average Chinese men believe divorced women are not capable enough to take care of their families.

Most hopeful Asian women seeking love online hope to guaranty a match for the second time by dating beyond borders. It may be a risk because of the experience they had dating in China. Thankfully, more divorced women in China find hope via matchmakers who specialize in matching Asian women with foreign men.

Chinese women are open to international romance as they believe that foreign men are different and worthy of their trust again.

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