Marrying Chinese Women

For Chinese women, marriage is a big deal. But before that happens, a man will have to propose.

Making the proposal unforgettable will be the most challenging task for foreign men dating Chinese women and wanting to take that step forward--at least until prenuptial preparations come in. Chinese culture is rigid and highly traditional and that means there are unfamiliar subjects men have to consider before and after proposing to the Chinese women they dream of making that lifelong connection with.

Subjects like when is an auspicious day? What ring matches the potential Chinese wife's zodiac sign? Things that may need the help of matchmakers and a whole medley of cultural experts.

But the most important thing before the proposal is, of course, making sure that the readiness is there. Are both of you ready for this life-changing event? Is the chemistry solid, unshakeable? Do you think that a life together is something you both deeply wish for and want from the other?

If yes, then you're already halfway there.

One thing to know about Chinese marriages is that not only will you be opening up your life with her, you'll also be opening it up to her family. If her family doesn't approve of you or your family, then there's little else you can do about it. So make sure that her family is already intimate with you and yours, and you propose only after that closeness has been established.

If there is already that affection between families, then your proposal is close to being a guaranty.

Another thing to consider, especially with international relationships, is the subject of which country to live in. Chinese women are deeply attached to China and may not even plan on moving overseas, especially those women that have never been outside of the country.

If you're planning on getting a Chinese wife, moving permanently to China may have to factor into your considerations.

As for the question of how to propose, most Chinese women are quite practical and would not mind a simple kneel and a question--Sheng nu or the so-called “leftover women” are well-known for this--as long as the intention is pure and sincere and both parties match, then there's no doubt of a guaranty.

So, be sure of what you want, act with filial piety, choose an auspicious day and go tell your ideal Chinese woman, you want to spend the rest of your life with her.

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