Gift Giving and Chinese Women

Dating in China, giving gifts has serious consideration for the Chinese women that foreign men dream of establishing connections with. When foreign men participate in international dating, they have to act within what is acceptable social etiquette.

In most mainstream media, normal gifts are typically flowers and chocolates. While the latter might seem fancy for Chinese women, flowers are not.

In China, cut flowers are given as condolences for funerals--especially chrysanthemums and white flowers because they represent death in Chinese culture.

There are also other taboos that foreign men should remember.

For foreign men wanting to learn Mandarin to corner dating in China. The Chinese word for four sounds a lot like the Chinese word for death. Giving Chinese women four or twelve boxes of chocolate will seem like you're cursing her to death.

Other linguistic mishaps to avoid for a lasting relationship with Chinese women are pears. The Chinese word for pear sounds the same as the Chinese for leaving.

Aside from that, giving fruits is generally a good thing and encouraged because a lot of fruits represent good fortune.

It's a common stereotype that Asian women love shoes. Yet, for Chinese women, being gifted shoes is a faux pas. The Chinese words for shoes and evil are very similar.

A scarf or a sweater is more practical and advisable.

Most Chinese women are wonderful cooks and their home-learned Chinese cuisine is something foreign singles dream of tasting. It's understandable to think that perhaps kitchen cutlery is a good idea for a gift.

It is not. If foreign men give Chinese women knives or scissors or any other form of sharp object, they are suggesting that they want to end the relationship.

The same with umbrellas. Don’t give Chinese women umbrellas. The Chinese word for umbrella sounds similar to the Chinese word for breaking up. You may not want that.

Foreign men, be wary also of the colors black and white--and if you want to be seen as faithful and trustworthy, stay away from green hats.

It's a lot to take in for foreign men not to destroy the guaranty of a match.

There's other stuff to consider if you want to ace live interactions with Chinese women, but that's for those who genuinely want to strike up relationships.

Foreign men shouldn't shoot themselves in the foot by being lazy and just going along with what they have learned from movies and televisions.

To realize that dream all singles want, foreign men should remember to be mindful, be considerate and always research.

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