Don’t SCARE OFF Chinese Women | Dating in China

Foreign men are looking for Asian women to find the loving connection they’ve all been dreaming of.


Women from Asia are some of the sweetest and most beautiful ladies to enjoy the company of. Coupled with their graceful femininity and traditional values, Chinese girls are good life-partners for men that want women with strong family values.

Dating in China for most foreigners can be a challenge if they arrive unprepared. Without knowing a good amount of the culture and disregarding proper advice, men who arrive unprepared will make more mistakes.

Chinese women are quite conservative and what you think is a harmless peck on the back of her hand might become an invasion of her privacy, familiar romantic displays for you might come across as tasteless and tried-and-true gentlemanly methods might be seen as flaunting.

This does not mean that those gestures will never work, but that it may take time and a bit of intimacy before more familiar approaches can take effect.

Always know the differences between cultures if you don't want to scare off the hundreds of beautiful Chinese women you will be meeting.

Listen to the matchmakers--they are well-trained and also act as interpreters. They know the local culture, and how it may clash with Western culture. If you have questions about Chinese etiquette in dating and Asian culture in general, the matchmakers always have answers, and they can also give you ideas on how to pursue that wonderful future Asian bride.

So men who go about doing their own thing will most likely fail.

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