Dating Your Chinese Interpreter?!

When men are dating abroad, meeting woman after woman in China, chances are that the person they'll be spending the most time with is his interpreter.

What happens if love comes in between you and your Chinese interpreter?

The reason most foreign men join singles tours to China is to find love and companionship with single Chinese women. In speed dating events, men get the chance to meet and communicate with hundreds of Asian women who are lovely, honest and open to relationships and their Chinese interpreter may just happen to fit those criteria.

Because of the partnership between the interpreter and their male client, a built-in relationship is formed and may be the basis for a fruitful relationship.

During singles tours, the person the men will be spending the most time with--outside of their friends on the tours--will be their interpreter. She's the one who accompanies the man on first dates, teaches them about Chinese people and Chinese culture. Most interpreters also coach foreign men on how to interact with Chinese women they are interested in getting to know.

Interpreters are experienced in interracial dating, whether it's by observing or firsthand exposure, and have enough knowledge about foreign language and culture, especially if they are from multicultural cities like Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Coupled with their aptitude for sociability, their skills in communicating and the ample time they'll be spending with their foreign male clients, it is no wonder that the men sometimes see the woman they dream of making connections with in their interpreter.

Yet, a professional relationship with the interpreter and moments spent with them does not guaranty a match. She is an interpreter first and foremost. Pushing beyond those boundaries will likely result in rejection and unforeseen consequences, especially if handled without care.

If there truly is a deep wish to pursue a relationship with the interpreter and she agrees to being pursued, then the man should stop their professional relationship and find a new Chinese interpreter to accompany him.

Regardless, go with what makes both of you happy and be respectful of the decisions being made.

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