Dating Chinese Women UNREALISTIC for Young Foreigners?

Chinese women are among the most sought after potential mates in the world. Because of their immense beauty, high femininity and traditional disposition, many foreigners seek to date Chinese girls in cities like Beijing or Shenzhen.

Dating beyond borders has long been said to be the dream only older singles can realize, but more and more young men that dream of making connections are learning quickly that they can guaranty a match with Chinese women.

For young men looking for their future brides in China, a mastery of Mandarin isn’t needed to corner the dating market.

Although some level of familiarity with a language inside China can certainly give you an edge, matchmakers are there to fill in the gap. Most Asian women know a bit of English–enough that casual conversation can be made. For Chinese women with English speaking abilities, it can both be a great way of getting to know each other better and improve their language skills.

Different from what the media usually depicts, not all Chinese women hold the same static traditional gender roles or are the domineering Asian ladies that boss people around in films like Crazy Rich Asians. Plenty of Chinese women have successful careers in their own right with many more being quiet, demure and shy.

But for young men dating in China, language and culture aren’t the main issues. Most Chinese women are wary when meeting any man who is in their 20s because of their experiences in the local dating scene. For Chinese women who receive glimpses from men that are quite younger than them, sometimes the age gap can work against the man.

So, if you don’t want Chinese women to see you as just another young man looking for a foreign affair, you need to be forward and explicit in your intentions for a long-term relationship that will lead to marriage. One method is through planned dating events and adventures in a magic city like Shenzhen, a bustling metropolis like Hong Kong or any of the other large million-strong cities of China where foreigners often ace live interactions with Chinese women.

By joining a matchmaking agency, men can signal that their intentions with dating in China are to find a suitable marriage partner. That can greatly assuage any perception from Chinese women that you are here just purely here for fun.

But should young men even pursue a relationship with Chinese women they have an age gap with? Certainly, not everyone will be open to that. It is also true that there are real genuine stories of love between young men and older Chinese women. So who can really say?

The only way for anyone to know which way their compass for romance is pointing to is by being in China with Asian women and finding out which direction their heart is tugging towards.

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