Chinese Women and Alcohol

Although China has been quick to modernize, Chinese culture is still quite conservative. The dating culture is even more so--family is central, and Chinese women are taught to be modest and non-aggressive.

When imagining what speed dating events are like, the mind paints a vivid scene of romance and excitement. In these events, dozens of foreign men find themselves surrounded by hundreds of beautiful Chinese women all wanting to guaranty a match with them.

Yet, there are differences to the imagination and what actually happens in real life.

This national conservatism and adherence to traditional gender roles is appealing for a number of foreign men that participate in international dating, but for men attending speed dating events, this translates into a lack of alcohol in large events.

Chinese women are very traditional; and in China, women who partake in alcohol are seen in a different light--Chinese women who drink are cast as inappropriate and seductive. To accommodate Shenzhen women and to adapt to the dating culture, most dating events in China are held without alcohol.

This shouldn't worry foreign men though, only that Chinese culture is quite different and there might be blind spots to remedy. A foreign man who has a hobby of drinking doesn't need to change himself. Despite traditional Chinese culture, most Chinese women are very open minded and understanding of other cultures. It helps if a man is likewise the same.

Foreign men don't need to learn Mandarin to corner Chinese women, they only need to be open minded, respectful of the culture and always communicate.

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