50% of Chinese Women NEVER Do This on Dating Apps

Men who dream of making connections with Chinese women are often curious about how many will instantly share personal contact information via Asian dating apps, so the man can contact them off platform. Because women in China are private, which naturally remains common in most Asian countries, the prospect of obtaining personal contact details before meeting physically remains at 50/50 shot.

Despite the increased acceptance and practice of Chinese girls marrying foreign guys, most Asian women in China would prefer sharing personal details with men face to face rather than via Chinese dating apps. Numerous Chinese dating apps are geared towards endless interactions on the platform, with no clear path to meeting offline and starting a WMAF (Western Male Asian Female) relationship. This fact leads countless foreign men and Chinese women alike into the offices of Shenzhen or Guangzhou dating agencies where most feel they can guaranty a match more easily.

Via Asian dating apps, several men believe finding the woman of their dreams seems more convenient than cold approaching women at random in the street scenes of Shenzhen or elsewhere. These same ideals lead many into the offices of Chinese matchmakers, where the rapport staff has established with local Chinese girls acts as a major advantage for guys from other countries wishing to date overseas.

Asian women in China are seeking men to connect with emotionally, but they are not desperate. Chinese women wish to establish their dream romantic connections before sharing personal data once they date and meet men who solo travel to Shenzhen or Guangzhou.

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